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Sanjay has been in the field of IT since 1983 and has worked on a wide variety of technology at various levels of engagements. He is the Founder and CEO of Skill Labs which is a software training and consulting company based in Mumbai India.

Sanjay created and propagated a radically different and effective training methodology called Concept Visualization which involves projecting complex and abstract topics in visual form. This leads to instant grasping, deeper understanding of the scenarioa and developers are able to translate the knowledge into skill and implement it in their work area.

Sanjay has worked on technologies like Mainframe, COBOL, UNIX, C/C++, Windows Programming, SDK/MFC, COM/COM+/ATL, Enterprise Java, Microsoft .NET and Server software like SharePoint Portal, Biztalk and SQL. He has been training on these software and platform for nearly 25 years with clients including Microsoft, ADM, Infosys, Mastek, Wipro, Satyam, Datamatics, Citicorp, Geometric, HCL. Sanjay travels extensively in India and abroad to conduct training programs on cutting edge technologies.

Sanjay has worked with companies like Datamatics, Informatics before founding his own company Synergetics. After acquisition of Synergetics by Aptech, he worked with Aptech as Sr. Vice President for a number of years before starting SkillLabs.

Sanjay has been a speaker for Microsoft events ever since he started speaking at TechED in 1997. Since then he has been speaking regularly at various event and forums like TechED, PDC, DevDays. He was invited by Microsoft to Redmond to participate in Software Architect Summit in 2001. Sanjay has been working with .NET when it was codenamed NGWS (Next Generation of Windows Services) and was invited to conduct a seminar on .NET when it debuted in India.

Apart from technology, music is a passion with Sanjay. He trained in Indian classical music playing Violin for 10 years before switching to Bansuri (Bamboo flute). He has won numerous awards in light classical music and continue to play music till date. Currently, he is passionate about playing Saxophone.