July 26, 2010

Amazing 7Stack

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7Stacks7Stacks is a nifty utility for Windows 7 taskbar. It installs like a regular application icon but behaves like a pop up stack (Also know as drawers). This is really cool because it allows you to group applications or files together. E.g. if you are a web developer and you test your site with multiple browsers, you can create a stack with all the browsers (as shown in the picture). This saves you from having to pin all the browsers n the task bar or having to search the browser from start menu and yet it takes only one icon on the taskbar. Of course, when you launch an application from 7Stack, it appears on the TaskBar like any regular program but is not pinned. You can create multiple stacks like Browser, Office, Media Players, Sysinternal Suite or even your favourite music.
The creation process is simple: Run the create stack utility and choose the folder you want to appear as a stack, choose the icon size (I prefer big icons, as shown in the picture), choose the text style and click on create shortcut. Once the shortcut is created, simply drag and drop it on the TaskBar and you are done.
As you can see, it has a nice Aero effect which makes it blend with beautiful looking Windows 7 TaskBar.

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